Dream Big, Lead Boldly

Expanding access to business school for Black applicants

A free virtual workshop organized by Stanford MBA students

April 30, 2022

DBLB supports the development of students and early-career professionals who identify as Black

Our goal is to widen the MBA Admissions pipeline for Black applicants by democratizing the narrative around pathways to business school and reducing barriers to application and admission.

Featuring keynotes by Daryn Dodson and Allison Manswell

Join us for discussions and workshops on topics such as:

Why Pursue an MBA?

We kick the day off by answering the big question: why go to business school? When does it make sense? And how do you get there?

Paying for an MBA

It's easy to get sticker shock looking at the cost of schools like Stanford. But, aid is abundant, and an MBA can be more affordable than it seems.

Career Panels

Where might business school lead you? Get a firsthand look at MBA careers through panels led by current and former students.

Life Design

Led by leadership coach Louria Lindauer, we'll explore where you're at, where you want to go and whether an MBA will be helpful in achieving your goals.

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